Complaints handling

Global KPO is committed to offer high level services to all customers. Customer satisfaction is taken as a barometer to measure the success of the service. Complaint handling is one among those functions in every business that is very critical and requires experts to handle it. Global KPO clearly understands the level of focus required on this segment and will ensure to handle complaints as and when they arise. Handling Customer Complaintsis a great skill and requires trained and experienced staffs to take control of this department.

Global KPO picks each complaint, query with the aim to offer quick and permanent resolution on the issue. As part of this process, as soon as a query is picked, an acknowledgement will be sent to the customers and we will keep the customers updated on every status change. This will control the emotions of customers and will also reduce the number of calls to be addressed. Through this way our experts will get sufficient time to investigate the root cause of the issue and will be able to give strategic solutions.

Handling Customer Complaints are considered as an opportunity at Global KPO. We will put efforts to turn every complaint into an opportunity to gain customer’s trust, confidence and satisfaction in the business. By reassuring to offer helping hands any time of need, we will encourage customers to not be hesitant to reach out to us in case of any future issues. This will help in handling all client issues in a peaceful manner without letting anything in the light of public or social media.