Customer Care & Support

The once called "Complaint Department" is now the Customer care support. Just as how the terms have changed, the level of service offered has also changed a lot. There is no more a team to take complaints; instead the team is focused to offer resolutions to every customer complaint out there. Customer Support Services of Global KPO help businesses by offering a technological infrastructure that is scalable, flexible and extensible. One of the main functions of this customer care and support team is to offer call management services i.e. managing call logs, smooth transfer and closure of all incoming and outgoing calls.

Customer Service Centers at Global KPO are both telephonic and internet based. This will help existing customers and potential customers to make use of the applications and tools to initiate interactions with the business and also for self-servicing purposes. Some of the Customer Support Services offered by Global KPO are telephone support, speech recognition, IVR and voice verification and email support.

In order to get in touch with the Global KPO Customer Service Center, the customers will have to either call directly or drop a query through the website. The concerned representatives will contact within 24 hours to assist. This support service is offered by Global KPO to all industries, Private Limited / Limited companies, MNCs, IT and non-IT sector and educational institutions. Vast database of contacts, online networks and access to professional portals helps us to offer extended services to each our clients.