Human Resource

Global KPO is an outsourced HR consultancy located in Europe and India. We are here to bridge the gap between business needs and personnel support. Apart from bringing together a wide range of consultancy packages we also offer business support functions along with ad hoc services. Through these services we ensure there is mélange of experienced and passionate young professionals, who are ready to offer the best and high performance as per organization requirements. We have brought experts together to offer HR outsourcing services such as:

We take care of the complete background work of managing payments and tax computations for every employee in the company. We also handle leave adjustments and provident fund segregation. The business can focus on its strategic developments while we assist with payroll solutions and other HR outsourcing services.

  • Compensation Structures and Wage Analysis: Compensation is not a one-time decision. Continuous monitoring is demanded on this by both employer and employee. Accordingly, to employee competence, experience and skills, compensation will be revised from time to time. We understand this need and make sure the compensation and wages meet industry standards.
  • Talent Acquisition and Staffing: Whether it is for permanent or temporary employment, we offer staffing services. Through this you can be sure that experts are on the panel for hiring top talent performers. We pool in and offer top performers as per organization needs.
  • Dedicated HR Support: By offering services like HR compliance, HR management services, HR assessment, HR training, termination kit including exit interviews and HR consultancy we make sure the expenses for HR support is in check. Through us you can get HR support in a cost effective manner.
  • Virtual Recruitment services: We provide virtual recruitment outsourcing services to companies globally. Our Virtual recruiter can help you in minimizing your recruitment costs if you are seeking candidates from India. India has been the most favored destination for companies to hire talented professional, but finding and recruiting the right candidate is not an easy task when you are not in India, we bridge the gap by understanding your requirements, identifying and short listing right candidates for you.