Talent Acquisition and Staffing-HR Sub service

As business growing HR professionals will be active in setting company goals and strategies and ensuring execution of the same. At this point creating and managing stream of talents for the company will turn very difficult. This is where Global KPO is looking to offer a helping hand by acquiring the task of offering diverse and effectual workforce. We understand your company goals and will accordingly provide knowledge and human resource talents which are essential to drive your organization forward. Recruitment outsourcing is not a new concept and its benefits can be enjoyed at affordable cost. This process is worldwide known as Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). Through our RPO services we offer professional-level staff to meet all company requirements.

    Benefits of RPO Services:
  • Offers measurable results — SLA- Service Level Agreement and KPI - Key Performance Indicator driven metrics and outcomes
  • Shared risk at lowest cost—Scalable and flexible to accommodate fluctuating needs
  • Optimized technology — Recruitment outsourcing will save a lot of capital investment
  • Process acceleration — Multi-tiered sourcing strategies will accelerate the process
  • Consistency —recruiting functions will be streamlined across multiple business units or regions
  • System-wide savings — Cost saving strategies
  • Elite talent —High-touch approach and global bandwidth enables to attract top talents
  • Uniformity —Protects and promotes the branding worldwide
  • Centralization — Global vendor management and account management
  • Quality — Use of proprietary assessment techniques and interview tools to find the apt person for a job
  • Compliance — Meet governance and industry regulations
  • Thus recruitment outsourcing will ensure to offer tailored services to all organizations to meet their goals.